Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being average

I can take average. Sometimes I even prefer average. Like a bar at the seaside. I don't like hyperbars or some perfect hotel bars. Neither do I like dirty bars where noone cares that you came in. I prefer some average bar with nice music, relaxed, friendly atmosphere and some snacks perhaps.

Every once in a while I even allow bellow average experience if there's a sincere goal behind it. Like a new student working for us and making many mistakes but with a true desire for making things better. Yes, I allow students to make mistakes. I even allow myself to make mistakes. We learn from them.

But when it comes to big-time-big-money companies, I get frustrated when I see that they really do bad things. And with all the money their people get for development it is unacceptable.

One thing are car makers where I could go for hours.

But they're not the point here. The point is Facebook. And their advertising application. This is extremly bellow average experience. First of all, finding the invoices is hard. But with some training you get down to that window:

As you can see in the image, something is translated, something not (red is slovenian). I can accept that since my english is ok. But how do you explain this to some other people I don't know. Might be a little help from big rival google (translate). If I were Google, I would make some chrome extension with a nice provocative ad in this page. :-)

But then comes something amazing. Billing is set to 6 days. Now somebody please explain to me how do you come up with 6 days? Week without sunday? Or just a non-magical number of people working on this? Or what?

And most of all, I need to click on every single thing to get those invoices. I think I've clicked some 24 times to get all the invoices for the last month.

Because somebody did bellow average work. Not that they can't do better. Neither are these people uncapable of doing it. It's simply a matter of values.