Monday, April 18, 2011

How my money became smart

One day, I have earned my money. I did something and people payed me for what they thought was good work helping them.

Then, as it turns out by the law, I had to give some 60% of my money to tax institution.

I was checking one day and most of the people in this institutions work with computers, numbers and are very well dressed. If you ask them something, they give a very direct response. I assume they are smart. There you go, my money, get some knowledge about computers and numbers!

Tax institution gave my money to others:
 - some really needed institutions (health, police, school,...)
 - other national big institutions
 - biggest EU institutions

As it is obvious, first group is where money matures, becomes independent and noone knows where it ended up. Good for you, my money.

But the second and third group is different. Somehow they just don't want to let money become independent and go. They want this money to grow more and become really smart.

And as it turns out, there are ways I can get back some of my money from this group. All I need to do is apply to "tenders". Which means I need to make up a good story (I'm good at making up stories) how I will help this money on its way of growing.

What is absolutely amazing about this: people that live in these institutions really know how I should spend my money. So they give it back to me under certain conditions:
  • With this (my) money, I may pay only the things they allow
  • I may only be spending this money in between certain time period (usually summer, because in the autumn they must end the fiscal year)
  • If I have ever thought or discuss these things before that time period, there may be no evidence about it; no way should I have done anything about these things outside time period they decide
  • If they decide to change this conditions at any given time, I should not even try to discuss it; it is my money they educated and are giving me; I should be nice to them
Now since my money travels all these smart institutions, I assume it must become really smart. Thank you institutions for the knowledge you give my money. Thank you, bureaucracy.