Blame it on the government?

I've seen this on my friend's Facebook page who happens to be a police officier. He posted this photo of his yesterday's "small joy before heading to the hospital" (he went for a surgery today).

He was driving 242 kmh (150,37 mph for my US friends). And shooting a photo of the moment.

People like to say that government is in charge of anything bad. One of the things that unexpectedly kills most of the people in my country, is the road. And many times, when people get killed, everyone wonders why noone is doing something to stop this.

But what I'm exposing to everyone for years now is that we don't need the government to change this. We need to do it by ourselves. Sit in the car and start driving more careful then ever.

Because, did the government force my friend to drive like this? No, he did it by himself. He has children at home. And he got into this car and did that. It is his individual responsibility. No government has anything to do with this.

Luckily, he got to post it on the Facebook.