Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My gluten story

Diagnosing Mb. Chron's:

Google    ~   0.39 seconds.
DusanV   ~   39 minutes.
Doctors   ~   39 days.
This is the story about this diagnose.
About relationships between allergies, epilepsy, celiaky, Chron's, gluten and casein.

<< 3. Mile-stones and gluten >>

It is not simple to be a parent. At least a responsible and caring one. You want to be sure that your baby is progressing smoothly and there are no big issues. So to make it simple for you (and them), medical professionals introduced milestones. To me, they just seem stones. Big, rocky stones that you can't see beyond. You are just approaching them with different speeds and wonder if you're about to hit them or avoid them.