2010. Television invented. Again.

There's one thing that I admire over past few years. Every once in a while someone brings the big news of mobile tv, internet tv or some other amazing best picture ever tv. Now that google is in the game as well, TV just got reinvented. Again.

But dear developers, I might be having a question or two.

1. Mobile TV. Cool, now I can watch TV on my mobile phone? Sure, will use it next time there's some interesting footbal game! So, the signal comes over the air (that's why it is mobile)? But I remember it was comming over the air 30 years ago. Even more, I remember some mobile televisions that were running on batteries. So 30 years ago we had mobile TV and now it is big news that we have mobile TV? Am I missing something here?

2. Internet TV. I just love the idea of interacting with my TV. I can play, pause, move forward or backward, record. I can save favorite programs and get them with 1 click. So I thought. As it turns out, this week I wanted to watch a football game. Scots didn't provide TV signal, just internet viewing for only around 7€. What did I get for these 7€?

  • some 65 minutes of still picture with Scottish commentators hoping for a turn-around
  • some 20 minutes of black screen with no sound
  • some 5 minutes of somewhat moving picture
  • 340x240 pixels picture, some 15 frames/second (didn't check)
Now once I was a little kid. I was sitting in the floor of our living-room and watching some football games from I don't know where. Important games, our country was playing. Picture was great (640x480pixels, 48 frames/second). Sound was even more amazing when our team scored.

This Life is great. We have many amazing things like Blogger and Youtube that streams even HQ videos. Things that were not imaginable 20 or 30 years ago. Yet there are some very poor ideas and implementations that just didn't have to happen. So before anyone develops new amazing TV, please consider what we had 30 years ago. And make it better.