Now that Twitter is on my blog

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Well, when we were on irc, we were able to write long stories and share them instantly. Or few words, as preferred. Now, some 20 years after that, we have this tool called Twitter. I was an early signup, as always with new stuff. But I really don't like it.

First, it will make me look stupid in the future. While I could be recording my life with a digital camera, write my thoughts completly and in detail, I was using some communication system that was worse then a piece of paper.

Second, it's a hype that will die eventually. So all the tweets will be gone forever one day. Perhaps they will give us some instant download tool to archive them. Most people won't do it, some will. Most of those that will, are never gone store them to be found, but to be lost.

Third, as it seems to some people that this is the ultimate communication tool that they must be using (and sell their great knowledge about it to others), they don't even notice that most people don't actually use it.

Fourth, it goes down to change the core values of our society. Instead of having time for our friends, sit down with them and have a beer or two, we just notify them in 140 chars about facts. Sometimes (rarely) feelings. Bringing emotions out of our communication. Getting love and passion in as few words as possible. How do we expect to end wars then?

Fifth, I can't deny some amazing values of it. People spread important news faster then ever. People love it and even new relationships are buil there every day. So as much as I don't like it, I'm amazed by it. It's something that lives here and today, with present generations of people. It might seem strange for someone in the future. It might seem romantic to you. Well, someone might even build a statue to Twitter. But to us today it's part of our lives. As a beer with a friend, it's just something that people do. And that's why it is special.