Respect has left the building

Petra is expressing positive values many times. Honesty, help, peace, better world and such.

Actually, she's managing communication projects for many companies and charities. But then, in a simple Facebook status update she expresses her negative attitude towards Dara Bubamara (Balkanian famous singer). Obviously disliking it. Now that's no problem (I don't like many things myself). But after a few comments-exchange, she compares her to trash.

From her communication you can notice that she's really meaning it. So this nice lady that does many charities is actually comparing somebody to trash? You can take this just as an opinion, but I see it as a big disrespect. Can anyone feel good after beeing called trash? I don't like Dara's music or enjoy her work either. But I respect her work and fans. They don't seem trash to me. Actually, Dara has done a lot in her short life. And this sould be respected.

This might seem a non-worthy single case of disagreement. Yet I see it as a much bigger problem of today's society.

I've seen disrespect many times. In the worst scenarios possible I belive. Words, gestures and fights that were out of this universe.

And Petra is a person you would expect to have most developed respect towards other people and cultures. Afterall, she's the many-charities supporter. So there's a strong good side of her. And surely you could see her most probably in many foreign-cultures bars or restaurants. I'm even sure that she would strongly fight against anyone attacking someone because of the colour of their skin. There's still no doubt in me that she's a good person.

And if such a person is so disrespectful, I'm sure that respect is leaving the building. And if there's no respect, there can be no peace.