Streets connect people all over the world

It is about passion. Be sure to see those hands in the air. Atmosphere. The sweat. The energy in movements. This contact with audience. Those hearts, beating as one.

1 man and 1 band created this. Inspiring.

What's the catch? Why do people in Barcelona feel as one with a New Jersey band? With Bruce Springsteen? They live thousands of miles apart.

I belive that it is the reality that Bruce brings out in his words. The streets are the same everywhere in the world. They are filled with love, passion, criminal, problems, music and above all humanity.

Before 2000, most towns and cities in the world had a street life. We fell in love there. Our friendships were challanged every single day. We were growing up and learning about the world through our community. We knew people by names and where they work. We knew who is in love with whom. Above all we felt like this is forever.

And it is. It is in our hearts. And Bruce just brings it out with his incredible passion and love in the street.

YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - Incident on 57th Street - Live in New Jersey - 2009-05-23: "Incident on 57th Street"