My gluten, casein, epilepsy and Chron story

Diagnosing Mb. Chron's:
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DusanV   ~   39 minutes.
Doctors   ~   39 days.
This is the story about this diagnose.
About relationships between allergies, epilepsy, celiaky, Chron's, gluten and casein.

1. The egg >>

As many stories, this one began with an egg. Ordinary egg. Chicken egg actually. It was late winter, beginning of spring in 2009. Lan, my son, was turning to 6 months and his skin was still very problematic, right from the birth. Many rashes, red marks and other signs of allergies. Nothing special for the times we live in as his pediatrician has seen it. Food is changing very fast and GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are all over. But since allergies might lead to asthma and other problems, she found it good that we put Lan to testing, to recognize what he is allergic to specifically. And so we have a good chance for letting him have a nice, asthma-free future.

So we went to the specialist. She was supposed to be one of the best allergiologists in our country. At least that was what the pediatrician said. And yes, we belived her and felt relieved. There we go to the proffesional and most sure Lan is about to be ok. Many people live with allergies and with children this is one of the quite common problems. Sometimes it is passing by unnoticed and other times you can see it on skin. But it is only allergy, nothing more. And if we will keep him of some food, he will be ok. And that's just about the only thing I care. Just that there is nothing worst around the corner. I can live with allergies I thought. Sure I didn't know a lot about them. But well, it is not cancer, the one thing that would scare me to death.

The testing seemed easier then we first thought it would be. 10 little points on one hand and 10 on the other. Sure he didn't like it. But it seemed like many kids go through this and at least there is nothing more afterwards. And some 15 minutes later, we got results. Nothing severe, just egg allergy. So we should only abandon egg for a while from his food and he will be better. Allergiologist gave us a lot of informative literature with it. More or less about the cosmetics we should apply to the skin to make it heal better. And cover up few more problems, as it turned out later. Yes, good she was at her work. As I've noticed few months later, a good waste of time she was.

Although it should sound simple, it was quite a huge problem for us anyway at that time. Egg suddenly seemed like a big thing you can't live without. It was in any good cake. It was in many processed foods. Oh mighty, we've got some problem now. How will we manage to feed him without eggs? And he was just starting to eat solid foods beside breastfeeding. So while we had to start introducing him solid foods, we had to watch out for eggs. Now, from a distance, it seems like a funny little problem. But at that time, it sure looked like mission impossible. And I was no Tom Cruise.

But well, it's just a little chicken egg. And as with many other parental big scarry issues, this one turned out to be as hard as changing the diaper. You prepare for it a lot first time, then in a few years it becomes the most simple thing of the day. Every once in a while we thought of how nice it would be to not have to think about it anymore. As the skin was getting nicer and nicer, we stopped whining and learned to live without the eggs in his food. It was worth the trouble to skin improving and a black future of asthma less possible.

It was a win over allergy. And within few years, he will most probably overgrow the allergy and might able to eat just anything. For a few months, the future looked bright. As you might be guessing, we were actually just in the beginning of a much larger story, full of hard lessons. Lessons about hidden allergies and amazing immune system of a human body.

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