My gluten, casein, epilepsy and Chron story

Diagnosing Mb. Chron's:

Google    ~   0.39 seconds.
DusanV   ~   39 minutes.
Doctors   ~   39 days.
This is the story about this diagnose.
About relationships between allergies, epilepsy, celiaky, Chron's, gluten and casein.

<< 2. The milk colics?  >>

Now this should actually be the beginning of my gluten story. But as the situation finished without the possibility of further testings, it became just a little warning part.

As many other babies, Lan was having a specific daytime when he became more upset, started crying loudly with strong hands and legs stretching. The condition that is mostly diagnosed as baby colics. And it is so common that if it doesn't last more than 3 hours per day, it is "acceptable". In our town, most medical professionals would agree that this is due to developing gastrointestinal system. It is not, trust me. At least sometimes it is not.

My son, some 3 year later
One day, a lucky parent's-experience-exchang-talk happened. A friend told us that she (mother) stopped eating all milk (dairy) products and within 2-3 days, the baby was calm. As Lan was also exclusively breastfeeded, we decided to give it a try. It was not easy for Natalija, since she was used to many dairy products. But the response was a miracle. Instead of having a 30-60 minutes of loud crying and calming, the evenings became quiet and calm. No colics. No screaming. Nothing.

At that time however, we just knew that baby is developing for years. So if he can't accept milk now, he doesn't need it. That's all we needed to know. No further investigation was taken. We just kept on going with our happy life.

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