My gluten, casein, epilepsy and Chron story

Diagnosing Mb. Chron's:

Google    ~   0.39 seconds.
DusanV   ~   39 minutes.
Doctors   ~   39 days.
This is the story about this diagnose.
About relationships between allergies, epilepsy, celiaky, Chron's, gluten and casein.

<< 4. Epilepsy shock >>

To me, things were rarely shocking. I'm one of those that try's to accept things as something that life just brings you up. Can be disturbing, unpleasant. But shocking almost never. For as long as I didn't see an epilepsy seizure of my son. It was in the middle of Decembre, as he was 14 months old.

I came home in the afternoon and right from the door Natalija called me to come urgently in the kitchen. All I could have seen was a weird look in my son's eyes and for a moment it looked like he looked way up, loosing his consciousness for a brief moment. As it was just few minute after he woke up, we thought that perhaps he was just still tired. Though, Natalija explained it was very very weird the way he looked.

Another day, things became all wrong. The thing started repeating in the afternoon and he had 2 more - what we learned later - epileptic seizures. Short, but noticably worse. His head started nodding, eyes went up for a series of 3-5 times. This was the first time I was using Google for medical reasons. In few minutes, the thing was obvious. He had seizures, epilepsy as it is called.

The very next day, we went to his pediatrician and to the hospital to the neurologist. First time to enter the hospital for children. First time to meet a neurologist. First time to confirm a diagnose that shakes a parent down to the ground. Your son has epilepsy. Atypical absence seizures. Atypical.

When we came home from our first visit to hospital, I cried. For the first time in life, I felt helpless. I looked at my son, how he smiled and wanted to enjoy life. And I was just not sure that is going to happen. Why him? This little fellow that had everything in front of him and we were ready to do whatever to make his life an amazing journey. It was not fair.

It was the only time I cried over it. Then I started to fight.

(3. Mile-stones and gluten) <<
(5. Professionals first) <<