My gluten, casein, epilepsy and Chron story

Diagnosing Mb. Chron's:

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Doctors   ~   39 days.
This is the story about this diagnose.
About relationships between allergies, epilepsy, celiaky, Chron's, gluten and casein.

<< 5. Professionals first >>

Personally, I don't like to mess with other people's work. Even when I know they are doing it all wrong. Still, they might get lucky and do it right. But mostly because people that live for something, ussually know a lot more then me. And doctors ussually know really a lot more then I do about our bodies and what might be going on in there. So I trust trusted doctors much more than myself.

My son, some 4 years later
Especially after reading some things about the epilepsy and educating myself, I've noticed a lot of self-confidence in medicine. A lot of research was done in the field of epilepsy and for most children in western world, epilepsy is not a treat it used to be. First or second medication should make some effect already. Most grow up and don't need the medicine. Especially as in our case that no epilepsy case was known to anyone in the family.

There is one another important thing. I don't belive in "god", whoever that might be. Sorry, but I really belive in ourselves as humans, not in some higher force that will do things right. Therefore I do not belive you can walk into the church, light a candle and things will get better. No, I will go out there and find a solution. Fight. If god helps in the way, I don't mind. I just won't wait for "him".

So that is why for the first month and a half, we took the professionals advice. We live in quite a developed country and doctors seem experienced. We are not the only ones coping with this and we have seen worst cases in hospital. So surely we will win with doctors.

And they started like they do. With medicine. When we got our first bottle of Kepra, I was feeling a bit relaxed. I felt like this is about to change things quite quickly and within 14 days, we will be back to normal, taking medicines. Surely it is not really nice that your son has to take medicine from his 14 months onward, but if that is all he needs to be happy, so be it. He will take Kepra and perhaps in a a few years, he will be able to go without it.

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